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Did you know that Photo Central has one of the largest offerings of film in the country? To that end, we also make sure that whatever film type you're shooting with, we can process it for you. Photo Central prides itself on being one of the last labs to still offer full correction services on every frame we process. That means you will get the best result possible from every shot on your roll of film.


We look at every shot you take, correcting for colour balance, density, dust and more, to make sure your prints look their best. Our services include development of colour negative, black and white negative, and slide (positive/reversal) films, in 35mm, 120, 220 and large format film, as well as reprints from older film formats. We're sorry to say we can no longer process APS or 110 film, though we can print from the the negatives if the film is already processed.


Photo Central also offers comprehensive scanning services. We can scan your negatives, slides, and prints, and we offer number of scanning qualities and prices to suit your needs. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the best scanning options for your film or prints.


Please see our price list for further details. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.